What makes a great marketing experience? The answer is simple. Science.

Understanding your customer is more than just putting them in a persona box. It’s about getting into their head to find out what makes them tick. We sought to delve deeper into how experiential marketing could impact the clients we work with and the customers they serve, so entered the world of behavioural science, to find out how we can use behavioural science tools to better understand what makes experience marketing successful? Boy, did we find the answer!

Our innovative research, literature review and expert interviews with leading lights from Riot Games, the World Experience Organisation, Secret Cinema, Nottingham Business School and more, illustrates how brands like yours can harness the power of experiences, pull the correct levers to impact the behaviours of your customers and fully engage your audiences in experiences that will linger in the memory for years to come.

Experience, Meet Behaviour.

How you can leverage the power of behaviour to really engage clients & customers and build brand loyalty

What MARVELS have to do with experiences

Why you have a tiny brain - and believe us, you really do

Download We Are Collider's latest whitepaper and see how behavioural science impacts experience marketing.


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Download the report
Download the report

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